Volunteer to help save the Plover!

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Make a Difference! Volunteers contribute to the conservation of snowy plovers and their habitat at numerous beach locations by assisting public land managers in a variety of ways. Volunteers participate in public outreach by informing park visitors about threats to the snowy plover, reducing human and pet disturbances, and assisting with direct habitat enhancement and restoration.

Environmental education and interpretation is recognized by land management agencies as an important tool that supports their mission of resource stewardship. Increasing the public's understanding and appreciation of natural resources (specifically threatened and endangered species) results in increased public support.

The success of the Recovery Plan for the Pacific Coast Population of the Western Snowy Plover will depend upon on a strong volunteer effort, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Large networks of volunteers are needed to assist public agencies along the entire Pacific Coast of Washington, Oregon, and California. This approach is unlike strategies designed for species who live far from concentrations of people because snowy plovers share their dynamic coastal beach-dune ecosystem with large numbers of humans.

Become a Volunteer Today! Join the effort to make an impact at local beaches and help to protect this important coastal species.